Keep Soaring

Dove flying

Comforting a beggar I saw while I was waiting for my bus..

Whole you used to be
Now broken and shattered
Smile you used to show
Now only agony and sorrow

Laughter you used to give
Now you no longer have the will to live
Charm you used to emit
Now incinerated and became ashes

Cheeriness you used to exhibit
Now scarce how forlorn that is
Happiness you used to display
Now soul has gone astray

Affection you used to manifest
Now has changed into distress
Joy you used to bring
Now you have damaged wings

Humour you used to have
Now vanished when life broke your heart
Jokes you used to say
Now disappeared for they decay

The old YOU what has life done to her
Even people can no longer decipher
Bear with the throbbing and don’t just fade
Soar before you wind up in a rocky cascade


One thought on “Keep Soaring

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