Words on My Wall

A fancy and descriptive way of saying I wanna redecorate my room. LOL

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You defined naivety more than anybody else. You were filled with innocence like a curious child who was eager to learn. You were brimming with undeniable excitement, for you were finally having your own room, your own dwelling, your own vicinity. You had a brilliant plan of painting your dull wall with vivid colors, but because life stole that precious time away from you, you gave up on the idea with a heavy heart. Instead, you decided to embellish your wall with words, powerful words and phrases to appease yourself after a long and tiring day.

Although it was a fast-paced cutting, pasting, glittering and writing, you had fun accomplishing the task for the most part. Looking at the final outcome made your mind scream with satisfaction and vim, as they were irrefutably sparkly and captivating. There was nothing more that you wanted than your room to feel like home, warm and welcoming, and you fulfilled what you desired. You had a grandeur vision of  your brain digesting every single word with fervor and intent, and like a healing balm, these strings of words would alleviate your afflictions; these series of phrases would make you realize that the world is not a cruel place to live in but a place which emanates peace and tranquility.

Six years later..

However, as you watch the days frenziedly glide within your fingertips with sanguine expectations, as you embark on the multitude journeys of life, you have finally concluded that the realm of life is not a bed of roses but throngs of ashen, destructive and bumpy roads, towering hurdles difficult to leap over and staggering ups and downs that you weren’t able to discern and foresee in the beginning. Unwillingly, you learn to admit that these words have unintentionally became invincible, deceitful and obsolete, for they never did uphold their role in your life except obscured their value and essence. They no longer have that commanding effect on you like they used to, as they are slowly fading in colors, in ink and in shape. The edges have become torn and irreparable, and the letters have turned illegible. Gone are the warmth and vitality that they proudly emitted when you first posted them on your wall.

As you heedfully watch the days, months and years go by, these words started drifting away further, decaying and losing their animated colors and jovial beauty. You have learned to gradually ignore their purpose of why they are plastered on your wall in the first place, despite the fact that they are beckoning you, pleading you to just spare them a single glance one last time like you used to. Yet, you finally came up with the decision of taking them off one by one, as they no longer have the intention of making your wall appealing to the eyes. To you, they are just  clutters, stagnant and mess up like an appalling graffiti. With a disconsolate heart, you decided to let them go, forever.

Indeed, you have outgrown these innocent words glued on your wall; by taking them down forever, you have stripped yourself from the naivety of life. You have learned to acknowledge the naked strenuosity of living, and you will continue to defeat the bewildering array of challenges life casts at you with or without the shadows of these words stalking you, because that’s how grown-ups should be.

As you’re lying on your bed looking at your barren wall, endless pictures, arts and designs are already floating through your “frustrated designer” mind. Nevertheless, it remains unknown if you’ll be able to force your lazy self to morph your wall into something sensible and enthralling the second time around.  But because you’re a well-known  procrastinator among all the procrastinators of this hazy world; there’s no doubt that you will leave your wall bare as it is for who knows how long. Only time can tell.

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