Altruistic Smile (A Poem)

photo (2)

The City of Vancouver has been dubbed as “Raincouver” for its well-known bipolar weather. For some unknown reason, Vancouver still gets its share of continuous rainy day episodes when it should be welcoming the summer season with open arms. I woke up this morning with a distorted face from lack of sleep and realized it was pouring rain outside. This made me  more cranky and indolent to go to work. While waiting for my bus however, a stranger gave me a promising smile that telepathically conveyed a message of being not too worried about the things ahead. So thank you stranger for your altruistic smile. You made my day so much better.

Drip, drop, a gloomy weather, wretchedly saturated rain
Hidden sunshine, indeed a dreary scene
A slumbering dejected soul, a defected machine
Like a zombie trudging down the wet pavement
Sleepless nights inevitable, awfully present
Thus, arose a grumpy bear you’d never foreseen

A tattered jacket, a tacky shirt, they were green
Curly, brown hair, a sallow complexion, albeit serene
Rotated your head, spared a dazzling smile, selflessly beaming
A stranger encountered, enveloped with lovely benevolence
A crestfallen mortal, an angelic spirit fatefully collided
Another doleful day altered, spirit soared higher to the extreme

Thank you stranger for smiling at me when I had to drag myself from my treacherous bed at the crack of dawn so I could go to work.

Thank you stranger for smiling at me when I was still gearing up my brain to the realm of functionality. 

Thank you stranger for giving me that selfless smile, for you totally made my day.

Thank you stranger for that dashing smile, for a dreary weather had turned into a lovely day.


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