Tying Up Loose Ends

I decided to take a picture with Jobee for old time's sake..

I decided to take a picture with Jobee for old time’s sake..

The frivolous reasons why I learn to despise a crimeless person who doesn’t even know I exist as well as avoid some fast-food restaurants during my vacation in the Philippines mounted every single day for some unknown reason. Jollibee, which we christened as “Jobee,” Mang Inasal, certified for its phrase “ang laki ng hita at paa,” and the notorious (at least for us) 7-eleven which grudgingly unleashed our inner b*tchiness due to the fact that it extorted our money with its overpriced cups when we were on the brink of losing our sanity from lack of caffeine are just among the few. And of course, that innocent, jailbait actor whose face is plastered all over Manila who kept taunting the heck out of me with that devilish, to die for smile but that’s definitely another story to rant about in the future. 🙂

Having said this, learning to let go of your grudges, anger and hatred is the main point of a happy and healthy living, and I’m proud of myself that I made amends to one of them two-hours before my flight albeit not on purpose (I’m still blaming my stomach which was doing an excellent job of executing somersault moves at that time). Peace Jobee and we’re back for good. Hence, when I see you next time, I’ll eat your chicken joy and spaghetti with gusto for all time’s sake. Ciao! 🙂

What jet lag does to you..


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