Tiki Restobar, “Tamiloc” and Crocodile Meat in Palawan


A continuation of our escapade in Palawan, Wreaking Havoc in Palawan.

Travelling is lacking without checking out the nightclubs in Palawan. An acquaintance who used to live in Palawan suggested dropping by at Tiki Bar and Restaurant for a drink. The bar was packed with locals and tourists but we were able to get a table courtesy of my friend who had a “little” issue with the server. And speaking of our server, yes, he was cute but the reality of him being married made him lost 100 points in my book of morality.



We deserve a drink after a long day of frolicking.

My friend however did not give a shit about the gold band in his ring finger mocking us every time he poured drinks in our glasses. I absolutely did, and I was the rational one among the group who was adamant in restraining my friend from perpetrating something ridiculous, before it got out of hand.  Sadly, my attempts were futile as she still ended up getting a kiss from him while I was silently fuming outside the bar from the “immorality” of what they just did. So on behalf of my friend, I deeply apologize to the unlucky wife whom I will never get the chance to meet. LOL


We couldn’t leave Palawan without trying their exotic foods which the locals were very proud of. My boldness and impulsiveness compelled me to try their “tamiloc” (woodworms) and their authentic crocodile meat.


“Tamiloc” a.k.a. woodworms


Swallowing the “tamiloc” bathed in vinegar took eons because of its funky smell and distinct terrestrial taste which lingered in my mouth for a while. This I mean five minutes of crushing the thing with my molars had no effect or whatsoever. It was ridiculously rubbery for some unknown reason I could never comprehend. I honestly wanted to punch myself for even attempting to eat the poor thing in the first place.

On the other hand, the crocodile meat was not too bad.  It tasted like chicken cooked “sisig” style. I actually thought that the restaurant had deceived us because it never tasted like well, crocodile at all.


Sizzling baby crocodiles, literally

I’m probably being cursed by the PETA organization right now. LOL

This guy ended up being served on a platter.

This guy ended up being served on a platter.


More crocodiles enjoying the sun..

Crocodile Meat

Sizzling Crocodile Sisig


“Adidas” or chicken feet

Travelling is simply addictive. Being immersed in an unfamiliar place while indulging your adventurous spirit in the foreignness besetting you becomes a drug you crave. It gives you the privilege of honing your “people skills” whether you are prepared to be a victim of this life alteration or not. That you learn to cut back profanities you utter and that you unconsciously start using polite words such as “po” and “opo.” That you learn to bat your eyelashes to the male species to wring out relevant information about the places you want to visit. That it becomes an obsession to build connections with people you come across with.




Necklaces in one of the souvenir shops we visited.


Additionally, the freedom of releasing your impulsiveness while wreaking havoc without people hovering over your shoulder is satisfying in a way. Despite these fleeting evil exploits you involved yourself into, you also slowly and grudgingly learn to be a functional being again. To be organized despite the lack of a concrete plan, to be on time, to be patient when people you’re with take forever to get ready in the morning, to be assertive in defending yourself from deceitful, ripped off taxi drivers who take advantage of you the moment they learn you’re a newbie in town (this happened in Manila multiple times) and to be chummy with strangers you come across with like the security guard down the hall, the receptionist, the sales lady across the street, the cab driver, the kid playing around the corner, the other tourists you are travelling with, the server, the cleaning lady, the care-taker and so on. These are the things I learned and discovered during my trip. And because of these, I can further conclude that travelling has now become my passion.


The view and a stranger’s nose. 🙂




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