Gifts and Being Another Year Older


The aftermath of opening birthday presents

Being the birthday celebrant of the day definitely has its perks. You get presents from your closest friends as well as birthday wishes from your friends on facebook, twitter and instagram. I recently celebrated my birthday, and I say I’m still amazed with the birthday greetings, cards and gifts I received from the people around me. It is quite overwhelming and unexpected receiving such numbers of gifts from these people be it my friends or my acquaintances. When I was reading the messages written on the cards that came along with these gifts two days ago, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing like a lunatic because of the things inside these boxes and the hilarious messages written on the cards.

Below are some of the birthday gifts I received for this year.

1. The Lace Underwear- On top of the list is this sexy underwear my friend wrapped for me. Sadly, as the chances of wearing it are very slim, I decided to stuff it in the back of my drawer where it belongs in the meantime (LOL). Anyways, I was quite shocked not from the gift itself but by the person who gave the present. My friend who is twenty-six years old is one of those people who has never dated or gone out clubbing. I was the one who invited her to the club on my birthday, made her drink alcohol more than she could take and bullied her to dance like a pro. The dancing part is a little exaggerating but you get my point. I thought she was this innocent, little girl who was born a saint, but I was wrong. When I texted her and told her about the sexy underwear, she was like “I get those a lot on my birthdays,” and I started rolling on the floor laughing for some unknown reason.

2. Shot Glasses- My best friend gave me four shot glasses on my birthday. Since I consider these glasses limited edition, I will guard them with my life from prying hands, so we have something to use on my next birthday. Looking at them right now, they are actually way better than the vibrator my friend keeps insisting that she would get me for my birthday. This reminds me of how I accidentally discovered that London Drugs sell vibrators of different shapes and designs. I never bothered looking at these colorful packages until the day I was with my friend going around looking for vaginal creams for someone. Who knew that the corner I always go to grab sanitary pads has been hoarding condoms, vibrators and lubricating gels all this time.

shot glasses

Shot glasses and my other presents…

3. Scarves- I received three scarves on my birthday, and I’m not complaining at all. In fact, I’m swooning and giddy like a five-year-old child because I can’t wait to wear each one of them. Despite growing up in the Northern parts of the Philippines where the weather is chilly, I cannot deny the fact that I have a well-known cold intolerance. I hate being cold that my friend who is currently in nursing school has diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. Having said this, these pretty scarves will definitely do an excellent job of keeping me warm for this winter.

4. Gift Cards- I never expected that these gift cards I love to give would come back to me one day. As I was staring at them wondering how much money were in them, it dawned on me how these gift cards which I have been nonchalantly giving to the people around me have been returned to their rightful owner.

5. The Myriad of Shots- The amount of alcohol I chugged while we were in the club was insane. Those shots after shots of vodka and tequila I received as “presents” from my friends turned me into a rag doll of the night. Yes, it was my fault I ended up being so hammered on my birthday and nothing can reduce the mortification I feel every time I think about that night. I was drunk as a skunk, and it wasn’t helping how my friend kept bombarding me the next day with disgraceful information about how I literally threw myself at my other friend multiple times. My outrageous behaviour due to the alcohol I consumed was ludicrous that every time I think about it, I feel like burrowing myself in a hole due to embarrassment.

What I received this year for my birthday is definitely something to be grateful for. I consider myself blessed for having people who remember my birthday through their sweet gestures of giving bizarre presents, fabulous birthday cards and thoughtful birthday greetings whether through a call, a text or a facebook message. Of course, another year inevitably added to my age, more pronounced wrinkles, unwanted adipose tissue here and there not to mention friends having babies and such are burdensome and scarier than I thought. But that’s another story to rant about in the future.


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