A Talk to the Defective Self

When a cheater cheats….

It is really funny how every time you look at that person, there’s this undeniable longing to punch him in the face. But then again, it would be your loss if you let your burning anger control what sanity left within yourself. You are a mature adult, and you should know better that some things are hopeless and are meant to end from the beginning. You decided to let him go, and you have to stand for whatever decision you have made. Wherever he is, he’s probably smiling because he doesn’t give a shit, and the least you can do for yourself is to be joyful. You are all worth it, but he failed to see this because of his stupidity. Hide your grudges and anger, and start giving out smiles to the next person who is willing to accept you despite your flaws. Bury those scalding memories and resentment in a casket where no one can retrieve or revive them. After all, you’re stronger and smarter than you think you are, and you deserve to be happy like anybody else.


2 thoughts on “A Talk to the Defective Self

  1. Don’t hide your grudges and anger, accept them. You need to know that it’s ok to feel this way. It took me months to get over a guy cheating on me, and then letting go was even harder, the anger and confusion at yourself it so painful, but once I started to accept what I was going through and let it all take it’s course everything got better. I even found someone who would never hurt me. I hope I’m not being annoying, just thought I might share a bit of my personal experience, because I know how hard moments like these can be.

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