The Stranger I Became Friends With



Credits to: MissyKenobi

She was sure a beauty, and they looked good together. Love was in the air as the cliché says, and this couple mirrored it. I saw it in their couple pictures they were proudly displaying in the newsfeed of facebook for people to marvel at with awe and jealousy. They were a perfect couple, the kind which made you wish to have one and the kind which made you want to have a relationship like what they were showing the world. However, for whatever reason, fate decided to brutally terminate this relationship with the death of the other half. What was left between these lovers became irreparable and irredeemable.

Fast forward to few days ago, the girl I was admiring her beauty months ago sent a friend request on facebook. What probably made her do the daring task was the constant press of “likes” I plastered on their pictures in her fiancé’s page. I’ve known her fiancé since I was young because we grew up in the same town in the Philippines; this girl however was practically a stranger to me. Nonetheless, I decided to break one of my rules in social networking and accepted a friend request from a stranger. Because I wanted to reach out to this girl who was mourning the loss of her fiancé, accepting her harmless request of a virtual friendship was the least I could do to help ease her pain.

As much as I wanted to ignore that nagging urge of wanting to send her a message, it was futile because I ended up tapping my keyboard and sending her a short one. Trying to get acquainted with someone through facebook for the first time was way harder than I thought. It was awkward introducing myself and saying my “hello” when I didn’t know the person in the first place. Additionally, it wasn’t helping how my brain cells were completely stagnant and weren’t doing their job of coming up with something witty to say to her. I didn’t want her to dwell on the staggering emotions of losing her fiancé, and I wanted to help lessen her pain as much as I could. She wasn’t alone with this ordeal, and this was what I wanted her to understand. That despite being half way around the world from her, she had that virtual friendship I was more than willing to offer. My motive of making her smile and forget about her fiancée albeit a fleeting time was what I wanted her to feel.

After overcoming the stage of awkwardness, our conversation started flowing smoothly. I learned that she was two years older than I am. During our conversation, she started calling me “ading” (little sister) which was very sweet. Not only have I gained a friendship from a stranger but a considerate, older sister as well. Indeed, I was touched by this selfless gesture coming from a girl I barely knew.

From then on, we have been constantly sending messages to each other. I’m glad that through accepting her friend request on facebook, it has created a new friendship between strangers despite the vast distance separating us two. That we were able to overcome the undeniable awkwardness in the beginning and started knowing each other like long-lost siblings is what I’m thankful for. Additionally, I realized in the end that our mutual intent of reminiscing memories of that person who passed away was the reason which brought us closer together. And wherever he is, we both hope that he is doing well.


Credits to: Leana Aguon



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