When Girls Decide to Brawl Over a Guy

I was fidgeting with my phone in a corner when I suddenly heard a sound of someone’s palm landing on someone’s face. I looked up trying to figure out where the sound came from, and I saw this girl trying to grab another girl’s hair. She was screaming “pokpok!” (slut) at the top of her lungs like a rabid dog. It took 30 seconds for the second girl to process what was going on before all hell broke loose. Before I knew it, things started flying around and being thrown at random people inside the room. We tried separating these two chicks from trying to kill each other with their bare hands. However, it was futile. Physically restraining drunk girls flailing their arms and legs like crazy is definitely no walk in the park.

The scene was comparable to the current Filipino show “The Legal Wife,” minus the tears and cringe-inducing lines of course. I was lucky I was sober enough to contain my friend who went ballistic and joined the brawl when she saw my other friend got hit with a vase thrown by the girl who got slapped. I couldn’t believe myself being in a situation where I had to use my body to hold drunk girls in their twenties who were like hyenas wanting to rip each other’s throats. You can only imagine how foolish it was to watch these women in their twenties trapped in a small cage arm throwing each other. It was not something to be proud of. In fact, it was embarrassing and degrading to a woman’s virtue and dignity.

What made the situation ridiculous was the reason they wanted to kill each other. It was because of an a**hole who for some stupid reason decided to make out with the girl who got slapped when his girlfriend was a wall away from him. This guy was an a** for lying about being single when his girlfriend was in another room. Who could’ve predicted that this pointless fight between these two chicks was the reason our party got ruined, the police being called in and someone’s head being lacerated.

As I watched the drama unfold before my very eyes, it made me realize how damn lucky I was for being single. Two girls throwing things and attacking each other because of an undeserving guy was not cool to watch. It was ridiculous watching these two attractive women throwing their dignity out the window and stooping so low because of a guy who was not worthy of trust and respect. Part of being in your twenties is knowing how to handle your relationship issues with dignity and maturity. However, what I saw last night bellowed lunacy and immaturity over a broken toy. The girlfriend failed to acknowledge that it was not entirely the other girl’s fault but partly her boyfriend’s fault as well.

What made me furious was the fact that the guy still remained nonchalant and insensitive to the people who got hurt because of his own stupidity. Despite everyone’s effort to make him realize that his actions were thoughtless and unacceptable, he still remained quite proud of the fact that two girls were mangling each other because of him. As I was staring at him across the room, I could not stop wishing for a lightning bolt to magically appear and fry his brain to wipe off that smirk plastered on his face. If it wasn’t for his stupid lie and his horniness, my friend who was practically a stranger to these people and who was at the wrong place and time wouldn’t have ended up having lacerations on her head. Also, we could’ve gone home in peace and with satisfaction knowing that we had a blast celebrating our friend’s birthday party.

What fueled the situation to reach its boiling point of verbal and physical barbarism was probably the alcohol everyone consumed. Most of the people had lost their ability to decipher what was right or wrong anymore. Alcohol was partly to blame. However, I still believe that part of being in your twenties or any age for that matter is being aware of how to coolly handle things with dignity and maturity such as cheating partners no matter how drunk you are. It is beyond wrong to just hurl objects you come into contact with to the people around you because you are angry, as this may lead to harming innocent bystanders who happen to pass by after using the washroom. Lastly, to the rotten guy who spoiled the bunch at three in the morning, lying and cheating on your partner was your damn business. However, make sure not to get caught next time. 🙂


No, this bruise was not from the brawl. It was a gift from a drunk birthday princess who decided to bite my leg at three in the morning. 😦




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