“The End”

 The sad truth about an ending is that nobody likes to see or experience its aftermath. It is crippling and heartbreaking. It evokes feelings of regrets and ongoing “what ifs” and “I should’ve done this or that.” The positive thing about an ending is the realization and acceptance of not everything is meant to be. Not everything you have waited or wanted to have in your life is meant to happen. Trying to put back the pieces of something which has been broken and distorted in so many ways is no longer possible. It’s simply unsalvageable. That accepting “the end” and not looking back is the best way to move on. That sometimes rescuing yourself in that chasm you created and saving whatever self-respect and dignity left within you is what matters. That sometimes “the end” allows you to grow in person. That sometimes “the end” is a new beginning of something.


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