An Open Letter to The Independent Woman


Dear Woman,

Someone told me once that you become stupid and pathetic when you are in love, but I never believed such thing. I was a witness of how you were overwhelmed with happiness everyday and that was what mattered at that time. While you felt those butterflies in your stomach and you jumped with joy every time you were bombarded with sweet words and promises, I was silently watching you with apprehension. I had a hunch that this happiness was temporary and I was scared for you. As I watched him slowly changed, I felt the need to warn and stop you from self-destruction. However, stubborn that you are, you turned a blind eye to those signs. You refused to listen and see the facade, the lies and the subtle changes. You begged. You cried. You screamed, but it was already too late.

Now you’re wallowing in your sorrows because you feel indignant. You are blaming the world for letting you fall into such misery when it is you who put yourself in your situation. You are shrinking in despair because you are left hanging in the air. You feel like you need answers, but you know you already have the answers. You are just too vulnerable to accept them yet. You are grieving and it is OK. You are independent, strong-willed and brave. I am saying this because the last thing I want is to see you drown in anguish. I want you to understand that the world is a cruel place, and that sometimes a heart can change. The other heart has been long gone, and you have to accept the truth. It is time for you to give up and think about what lies ahead of you.Letting go, love

Dear woman, it is more than OK to shed tears for yourself to feel better. It is time for you to pick up your shattered dignity and hold your chin up high. I will help you heal and you will start shining again. I will give you the answers you are dying to hear. They might be brutal and they will definitely leave scars. However, they are neither sugar-coated nor they are lies. You will thank me later when you find your other half. And when that time happens, I will be proudly watching you from behind. You have learned your lessons the hard way and earned your battle scars. You will be able to look back and think how weak you have become once. You will be able to understand that untangling yourself from the ruination and letting go are the best decisions you have made so far. That sometimes life is unfair that way, and you need to understand that.

From  The Other Woman


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