Getting A Year Older

“By the time I am twenty-five, I am making good money and travelling around the world. By the time I am twenty-eight, I have met my better half and waking up in the middle of the night changing diapers.”

This was the naive me at fifteen. Yet here I am, sitting on my chair looking out the window still “coupleless” and dreading the thought of being married and having a baby at my age or few years from now. There is nothing more appalling than counting the days until your next birthday especially if you have zero achievements in life. Few days ago, I grudgingly accepted that I am already twenty-seven years old. Today however, rather than dwelling on these double numbers, I realized that I have a lot of things to be grateful for in life. Getting a year older is inevitable indeed, and the least I can do is to look at the bright side of life and be thankful. For the past year, I have achieved different things in my life. I have gained lessons from my mistakes which made me the person I am today. These numbers do not matter anymore. The lessons, the growing up process, the experiences, the friendships, the achievements, and the “PRESENT” do.

Along this journey, I have met amazing people in nursing school. For the past two years, I am a witness of how everyone stressed out due to integrations, exams and papers. They say this term is one of the hardest terms in our program, and I believed them. It was gruelling clinical hours along with never-ending papers and exams towards the end of the term. It was also the time my body decided to crash for almost three weeks as evidenced by my clavicles and ribs sticking out right now. I am just glad that everybody survived this term including myself. There is less than a year left before all of us graduate and start nursing patients on our own. I hope when that time comes, we haven’t become jaded and still have that naive belief of why we did nursing in the first place. That is, to make changes (no matter how little those things are) in people’s lives whom we encounter in the healthcare setting. Hang in there Gen’ 05. All of these hurdles will pay off in the long run. As we always say, Gen’ 05, we will absolutely thrive!

We look this chic when we are not wearing our scrubs:)


Summer break


Our selfie while we were on the deck..

Despite being busy in nursing school, I got the chance to travel to Toronto last summer and met one of my awesome friends. We were able to catch up about life, drank beer together, “cute hunting” while in the subway, explored Toronto like tourists and even got to enjoy the drizzle of the Niagara Falls. Visiting Niagara Falls is probably one of the best travels I have experienced so far. Nothing beats the bustling nightlight and the different tourist spots we got to enjoy while we were there. And of course, having to experience languid walks while enjoying the magnificent beauty of the Niagara Falls was still the highlight of the trip. I hope when the time comes that we get to travel there again, both of us along with our “inspirations” will be able to dine at Skylon Tower. And when that happens, I hope one of us will experience the “fireworks” scene we always joked about. I am hoping I get to travel with you again next year. Either Mexico or Hawaii is a good choice. LOL


Because we were starving while we were inside the train..:)

IMG_4803Hiking has always been a passion of mine. It’s probably the “Igorot” blood in me along with my “bigger than average” calves which made me last those long hours of hiking mountains like it was nobody’s business. Last summer, I got the chance to hike most of the hiking trails in British Columbia with my hiking buddies. It was a challenge to climb mountains initially, as we were ambitious enough to hike most of those challenging hiking trails which lasted about 5-6 hours. However, once your body  adapts to the constant hiking once or twice a week, you start challenging yourself for longer and torturous hikes while craving for more. The harder the hike gets, the better the view on top of these mountains. Besides, once you see the amazing view from top, you forget how your legs and chest are hurting and how you almost died because of hypoxia along the way. Hiking is highly addictive, and that is exactly what I feel. Having said this, I cannot wait for summer to come for more hiking adventures, as I feel like my muscles are starting to atrophy.


I know I plagiarized. But what are the chances that you are going to read what I am blabbering about. Zero! LOL


The best thing about getting older is I have learned to look back to the things I did or experienced in the past. The mistakes, the what if’s, the I should’ve done that, the regrets, the heartbreak, the sad goodbyes, the love and memories I have made with the people I came across with. There are definitely memories which are happy and there are those gut-wrenching ones. However,no matter how dire some of those memories were at one point, I can not deny the fact that I have learned one or few lessons from those memories. That despite the sad ending and lack of closure with those people, I have learned to continue with my journey with hope and optimism and left those scalding memories behind. And that’s what getting older is all about, looking at those experiences with different perspectives and insights. To that someone who was the last person I was expecting to send me a happy birthday and an apology, I’m sending you my virtual thank you for achieving such a commendable act. I am aware more than anybody else how frustrating your personality is and how it probably took you a lot of convincing yourself to send me your message. However, you should be proud of yourself that you did it because I am. I hope like me, you have learned one or two lessons from what happened between us eons ago because I definitely did. And thank you for telling me it was never a one-sided love because that was what you made me feel all along. Also, thank you for smart guys like you who know  the difference between “you’re” and “your.” 🙂

 img_4601Lastly, I am grateful for having such awesome friends. The word friendship is nonexistent without you guys in my life who give me the real definition of fun and excitement. There are different types of friendship you create with the people around you. For me, I am lucky that I have found it with friends who have parallel personalities with mine. That making fun of each other’s tears is how we comfort and lessen each other’s suffering. That flipping each other off at times or saying how the world sucks from time to time have become our norms. I hope our friendship will last until we are a century old (cough*cough*) so we can still get the chance to walk to Tim Hortons using our walkers (or not) to have a piece of bagel and a cup of coffee.



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