Frolicking in Cancun, Mexico Part 1


          Travelling becomes liberating as you age through the years. It gives you the freedom of getting to know yourself better and recognizing your potentials and skills when interacting with the people around you. As you gradually learn to survive in a completely foreign environment, this turns into a journey of accumulating experiences and knowledge about the places, the people and the culture you come across with. At this point in my life, travelling has become the unsated yearning which constantly bombards my thoughts every time I stumble upon travel blogs or pictures of places I want to visit. I have given up hammering myself the fact that I am still not financially ready to travel the world to my heart’s content because packing my bags and chasing my travel bug always happen in the end anyways. To me, nothing matters except satisfying the fervent desire of exploring places other than Vancouver. It maybe also the thought of being three years away from hitting 30 or the feeling of wanting to explore and discover the wonders of the world before finally settling down and start considering making babies (and looking at possible sperm donors if push comes to shove LOL).

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     Travelling to Mexico has always been in my bucket list as far as I can remember. It was supposed to happen last year, but I ended up detouring to Toronto instead for various reasons. Hence, I made it a mission to go to Mexico this year and it finally happened a week ago. With a ten-day break from school, I decided to fly to Cancun City, Mexico along with my friends. It was a rough start with security when we were in Vancouver International Airport because of minute things such as, believe it or not, apples and pears. Because I knew I was going to get hungry when we boarded the plane, I woke up at three in the morning to pack up some food. Of course, when you travel, some of the things you’re not allowed to have with you when checking in are any type of liquid more than 100 ml, poultry, meat, fruits and seeds. Because I was consumed by my hunger at that time, it never sank in to me what I had in my purse were technically fruits until security started interrogating me for carrying sliced fruits. So yes, as expected, I got held for having sliced apples and pears in my purse because apparently I was on my way do some serious planting in the US. I was brought in this room where the security person started lecturing me about smuggling and was eventually let go to join my friends for our flight.

img_1803  The moment we arrived in Cancun airport, I immediately felt invigorated from the warm and humid air. The reason we abandoned Vancouver in the middle of February was the nonstop rain coupled with the freezing weather, so having to finally relish the sun and warm weather along with the fact that we were finally in Mexico after 6 hours of flight was extremely exciting and gratifying. The locals who were wearing their own designated uniforms were lined up outside the airport to pick up tourists and drop them off to their hotels. One thing I would probably

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetsay is that because there are so many of them waiting outside the airport, it is easy to get lost trying to find your own ride. However, fret not because aside from the fact that they speak English, most of them are very friendly which makes it easier to ask questions and directions. They are the type of people with vibrant personalities and warm smiles who willingly provide answers and resources you need for touring Cancun. It did not take that long for our private car to arrive to drop us off to our hotel which was less than thirty-minutes away from the airport. During the short trip, I enjoyed myself looking out the window while admiring the palm trees and coconut trees lining the side of the road. I started reminiscing about my trip in the Philippines few years back, as Cancun looked exactly the same as the places I visited. Well, except the air in Cancun was more refreshing and the surroundings were way cleaner.

      We finally arrived in Park Royal Cancun Hotel where we stayed for five nights, and we were welcomed by the friendly bellboy with complementary drinks. Trust me, you need to  constantly hydrate yourself because of the warm weather in Cancun. The staff in the hotel were very friendly who made sure that every single guest was comfortable and taken care of. I was uncomfortable being helped with trivial things such as opening the door or bringing my own plate to the table but I eventually got used to feeling incapable by the end of our trip (hehe). I have nothing to complain about the staff except one of the receptionists who became our nemesis on the first day we checked-in. In fact, we christened him as the “he who must not be named” because of his not-so-friendly attitude towards the guests.

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       Our first night was mostly spent admiring the turquoise seawater and white sand, pigging out in the buffet restaurant and “cute hunting” at the bar while sipping our cocktails. The drinks and food were unlimited as part of our inclusive deal, so we did not have to worry about spending money for both. It was definitely worth it for the price we paid. I took advantage sampling the variety of foods in the restaurant especially their desserts. The alcohol was completely a different story because of my fear getting a hangover and having to crawl the next day.

 Our number one priority on our first day was to get our tan like there was no tomorrow. We spent most of our day frolicking around, getting baked under the sun, chasing the waves, burying ourselves in the white sand, taking gazillion pictures, admiring the beauty of the turquoise seawater and checking- out people’s butts and abs. 🙂 While one of my friends struggled getting her tan, the rest of us were already toasted the first day we were on the beach.


Our view at dusk

 Whereas my body was set to waking up at 6 in the morning while we were in Cancun (that would be 3 am in Vancouver), my friends loved to sleep in. Every morning, I kept staring at the ceiling mumbling to myself why they were still sleeping when we could have gone walking on the beach or swimming in the pool. We were on vacation for gods sake! LOL, On the third day however, I finally decided to do something about my atrophying muscles and the extra calories I gained from the nonstop eating other than waiting for them to wake up. Since I did not want to spend $6 to use the gym plus another $6 for the Insanity class of our hotel, I decided to go for a  morning run. I never regretted doing so because of the awesome view below and visually awesome people I met while I was running (ahaha).

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