Hola! Cancun, Mexico Part 2


Chichen Itza

The best part about not having an itinerary before visiting a place is the excitement of winging everything. You get to challenge yourself finding answers on your own be it online or asking the locals around the area. Your creativity and resourcefulness materialize as well. We never thought of creating an itinerary before travelling to Mexico because it is more thrilling to do things on a whim and just literally “winging everything.” Having said this, it took us until the second day to officially finalize a plan of places we wanted to visit and activities we could do while in Cancun.

We paid $67 US for a tour in the renowned Chichen Itza and Ik Kil Cenote. The package included a shuttle bus for our trip, buffet lunch, our own tour guide, and a bottle of water.

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When we were getting good at taking group selfies 🙂

Our first stop was the historic Chichen Itza of Mayan ruins which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also one of the largest Maya cities located in the Yucatan state of Mexico which is almost two hours from where our resort is located. This tourist site is mainly composed of massive stepped pyramids, temples with detailed designs of the Mayan people on their walls, sacrificial sinkholes, massive stones and archeological structures. My keenness on the information the tour guide was bombarding us did not disappointment me in the beginning of the tour until half an hour later. The fact that some of the people in our group were uttering words about history which we never heard of slowly made me and my friends divert away from the group from time to time. Because I felt like I was taking an advanced history class with bunch of historians and geologists, I pretty much lost interest on the subject. Suffice to say, it shifted my attention to admiring the magnificent man-made creations in front of me and religiously taking photos of these structures. Don’t get me wrong, the information was great, but it is hard to digest and retain such if you’re battling the scorching heat and possible dehydration. One thing for sure though, since Chichen Itza was built more than 1000 years ago, I was honored that I got the chance to set foot in the court where the first basketball game was created by the Mayans.

We also visited Ik Kil Cenote located 5 minutes away from Chichen Itza, a sinkhole open to the sky where people can swim to their hearts’ content. According to the tour guide, this sinkhole was used for diving competitions during one of the Olympics.  It is more than 50 meters deep and if you are like me who doesn’t know how to swim, wearing a life jacket is a must. You would expect that the water is extremely cold but it wasn’t too bad. My body eventually got used to the temperature of the water, and I definitely enjoyed swimming in the water. While one of my friends started crying because she was too scared to go in the water, I was confidently paddling with my hands in the middle of the water while pretending that I was doing an excellent job of backstroking and flutter kicking hehe. Thanks to the life-jacket I was wearing of course.

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Ik Kil Cenote

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Selfie up in the air

The highlight of our trip is the parasailing which we paid for $58 per person. It was a 15 minute tour around the lagoon plus 15 minutes being up in the air. There are two bodies of water where you can do water activities in Cancun. One side is the ocean where sharks are enjoying themselves while the other side is the lagoon where crocodiles are relaxing. The locals had the habit of joking about which side we foresee ourselves being served as dinner to these creatures. There was no such better option. One way or the other, the outcome is going to be the same. That is, you are a dead meat if you happen to encounter one of them. Because the weather was windy the day we decided to parasail, the crocodiles pretty much won over the sharks. Being up in the air and having a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Cancun is definitely once in a lifetime experience. The glorious water down below and the magnificent view made me thank the unknown for being alive at that moment and experiencing the thrill of finally having to do something I never thought of doing in my whole existence. While my friend was screaming her lungs out because she was too scared being up in the air, I was squirming with glee and excitement while taking selfies and videos.

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Lagoon dock


Glow-in-the-dark glass

We also had the chance to experience the bustling nightlife in Cancun. Of course, where else are you going to experience the nightlife but the clubs where blaring music, unlimited alcohol, twerking, grinding, awesome heels and sexy crop tops are found. For $65 US entrance, our own private area and unlimited alcohol, the City Nightclub in Cancun which is apparently the biggest club in Latin America was the best choice. They had awesome music, and we definitely had fun dancing all throughout the night. What’s interesting about the club is the hardcore service from their servers in terms of getting their guests drunk until they drop on the ground. The servers were literally pouring bottles of vodka right in everyone’s mouth with no chase and literally shoving glasses of beer and tequila on people’s faces. I definitely saw how people around me were having a blast. And this is probably one of the reasons why some guys started becoming excessively confident of themselves (a common scenario in a club I should say LOL). At one point, I had to hide multiple times from this guy who was pestering the living heck out of me. I literally punched him on the face while screaming at him to get the f*ck away from me before he finally gave up. Overall, the club was sensational. The choice of music was mind-blowing. The crowd was energizing. And most importantly, I still manage to walk back to our hotel sober and intact.



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