Not standard issue: unskinny Asian

Featured Image -- 3143Sometimes, exonerating yourself from those self-doubt, low self-esteem, body issues and shame which breed from the type of body you are born with is a must. This is for you to learn to selflessly love yourself and embrace every single flaw you have. Nobody is perfect. It’s just a matter of accepting those imperfections and learning to love every single one of them. This is an inspiring piece written by one of my best friends, and she nailed it. I am proud of you chinguh!!! 🙂


160 lbs (+/-70 kgs), 5 feet 2 inches (158 cm). Those are my current numbers, full disclosure.

I was born with typical attributes associated to being Asian. Small eyes, a not-so-high nose, fair skin and might I say a decent coconut on my shoulders. The only thing missing is having a”chicken bone” frame. My shoulders are broad and I have wider hips than most. I was never a skinny girl, and boy, did I know it.

Then till now, the bullying persists. People still call me “fat.” Everyone from my family to strangers, has something to say about my size. When I was younger the names ranged from oink, to piggy, to broiler (a fat chicken), to balyena (whale); all meaning fat. Now that I am an adult, people try to sugar coat and call me healthy or curvy minus the positivity of those words. I suppose I could say…

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