The Vicious Photograph

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetShe despised looking at the once beautiful photograph
It emits rancid smell of passion and vicious memories
Creeping at her with fury and irony
Strangling her with its cold bare hands

A reminder of the once delicate promise of forever
but now is slowly slipping away between her fingers with mockery
Like a murky poison with its potent sadistic goodbye
It burns like acid but she must

She must let the elegance of the photo fade on its own
She must learn to let it go with fierce
For it to surrender its bullets of reminsicence
For the persistant nightmares and bleakness to stop

For fate to begin taking pity on this pathetic soul
For the sun to start shining its hope again like it used to
For her shoulders to bear her worth like a medallion
For her eyes to see the beauty of a rare diamond
Shimmering its nobleness up in the sky..


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