Outcry of Mother Earth

Dog Mountain Summit, British Columbia

As mother Earth watched her children exploit and abuse
what she selflessly gifted them, she wept. She wept in agony because of their ignorance, because of their greed, because of their himg_2551atred amongst each other tearing them apart. She watched with regret and with a heavy heart as their mouths spout lies and hostility, as the abundance of love she has been giving them for eons seemed to never satisfy their voracity for power and control. She doesn’t want to be the reason her children turn their backs against each other. She doesn’t want them to drown in vainglory and arrogance. As the destruction brought by their misgivings struck,and as they slowly lose the essence of humanity in their hearts, mother Earth let them. They left her with no choice.


A response for the daily post photo challenge Earth..


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