Summer Adventures: Winter is Coming!

img_4048         I’m the type of person who goes through “summer withdrawals” once the cold weather starts to kick in. Gone are the days when I wake up at five in the morning with the sun bathing my skin with its gorgeous sunbeam. Gone are the days when I do not have to worry about chicken skin, chattering teeth and frosty hands and feet. Yes, I’m notorious for having “cold intolerance” which is ridiculous at times. While everybody is complaining about the hot weather and wearing those summery, cute dresses, there is my poor self in the corner wrapped like an Eskimo. When you are surrounded by people who work in healthcare, you tend to diagnose each other. I have been diagnosed by most of my friends with hypothyroidism as being cold all the time is one of the signs of the said disorder. However, my rational is that I barely gain weight despite my habit of constantly eating like a pig. If you have hypothyroidism, you tend to gain weight despite not eating that much because you have an issue with your metabolism. Having said this, I have self-diagnosed my self that my thyroid is fine and that my body simply cannot tolerate the cold.

           As I was browsing the photos on my phone, I realized that my relationship with summer is over. My nemesis and my least favorite season is just around the corner waiting to bite me in the a**. Winter is coming! To console myself from this impending doom, I like to delude myself that summer went for a long walk to the South Pole, and all I have to do is be patient and start painting my nails. In the meantime, looking at the adventure photos I’ve taken this summer will do for now to curb my hunger for more adventures and hiking.

        The Quest for the most awesome adventure for this year’s summer was nothing intentional. It was plainly whimsical after long shifts in the hospital. It is necessary to detach yourself from the depressing environment, or burnout will catch up with you in the long run. Because we only get two months of summer here in Canada, it was still fortunate that I was able to do fun things and make the most of the short season. From land to the river and sea, I survived the challenge.


Garibaldi Lake


Garibaldi Lake


Rafting and rescuing “swimmers”


Thompson River


Whippoorwill Point Trail


A pleasant walk in Tofino Beach


Dog Mountain

What made my summer adventures worth to write about are the hiking trails and mountains I clambered with sweat and tears. Enduring the two-hour drive or more going to these trails was worth it despite the fact that my head felt like it was about to explode from motion sickness. The thirst, hunger and the trip back are different stories to rant about. Nevertheless, once you get to the top, the “high” and satisfaction from surviving another hike purge whatever self doubts you had when you were at the starting point arguing with yourself whether you could force your legs to start moving or not.



Bridal Veil Falls

          The more I climbed mountains and trails, the stronger the urge of my “Igorot” legs to conquer another harder and more challenging trail. The harder the hike gets, the more splendid the view is. The pictures below prove my statement.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack


Lindeman Lake


Joeffre Lakes


Joffre Lakes


The Chief, First Peak


Wedgemount Lake


Wedgemount Lake

As I grudgingly watch my tan fades every day, I’m reminded of the approaching ordeal of wearing sweater and winter jackets again. Yet, I compose myself and look at the positive side of another summer next year full of whimsical adventures and exploits. This time, it would be international. As my friend says, Mt. Everest should be my next goal, but I refrain from being too ambitious because of how dangerous the hike is not to mention the freezing climate there. Packing my bag to conquer Mt. Pulag or Machu Picchu to search for a Sagittarius constellation up in the sky has a higher chance of happening than training how to climb glaciers using snow boots and hooks. Besides, I still want to go home to my bed in one piece and brag about my adventures to the people around me without worrying about frostbite.

A response to the Daily Post’s photo challenge Quest.



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