She slowly starts to Create a beautiful world of her own

A world where angels sing their lullabies for her chaos to be at peace

A world where agony of the past and broken dreams are obliterated with a dark marker

She begins to see the power of breathing like she used to, the beauty and the myriad colors of a summery life

She is finally FREE..

When The Heart Begs

As she struggled to unshackle herself

from the spell of his deceitful eyes,

she bowed her heavy head

and silently prayed to all the deities.

Her mind fazed while her heart howled in desperation,

begging the unknown for some answers.

Why was it HIM when there was someone better.

Someone who would love her more than

the leftovers he could only afford to give her.

As she contained the bubbling emotions

threatening to give her vulnerability away,

the treacherous tears started falling.

Her heart continued to scream

what she mostly desired,

to be with him until the end

despite his heart locking itself

in a Distant tower she could never conquer.

I Miss You

I miss you like how the clouds miss the rain

I miss you like how the parched earth needs water to sustain life

I miss you like how flowers need sunshine to live

I miss you like how music notes are nothing without the melodies

I miss you like how fireworks need fire to Detonate and expose its beauty

I miss you like how a pen is useless without a paper

I miss you like how confessions are meaningless without emotions

I miss you like crazy, and that’s every minute of every day