Walking Away (A Poem)

Her heart jangled like an old bracelet

Reminding her of the time she was weak

Broken promises and exposed secrets

Along with lies and many faces

Hence, she walked away and left no traces

A response to the Daily Prompt’s word Jangle



His Kiss Was a Magnet

Once upon a time..

It was his sweet kiss that seared her soul like a symbol.

It was his luring eyes that pulled her to him like a Magnet.

It was his soft lips that brought her to heaven and on bended knee.

It was his intelligence and the constant battle of wills that gave her ecstasy.

But it was the deafening silence that drove her to madness,

until the words “you deserve someone else”

were uttered by those soft lips she once kissed with passion

while she drowned in those luring eyes filled with uncertainties.